What happens at an appointment?

It’s understandable for clients to be nervous when attending their first psychological therapy session. It can be difficult meeting someone new and discussing personal information with them; taking this first step towards improving life quality is extremely brave!

At Approach Psychology, we do our best to put clients at ease and enable them to share their story in a caring, supportive environment.


When you enter the waiting room at Approach Psychology, you will be greeted by one of our friendly receptionists, Annabelle or Katarina. They will collect your forms and referral letter (if you have one), or will ask that you complete your forms while you wait. They will also provide you with a laminated copy of our Consent Form, so that you have time to read it and note any points on which you’d like more clarification from your Clinician. 


If the therapy is to be focussed on the child or adolescent (i.e., therapy for difficulties involving a child/adolescent or parenting strategies), your clinician may want to meet the child or adolescent at the initial appointment. This will differ on a case-by-case basis and our receptionist will be able to confirm the arrangements with you prior to the appointment.

If the therapy is to be adult-focussed, please do not bring children as they will not be allowed in the therapy room with you and we do not have child-minding services available.


The purpose of the initial appointment is for the psychologist to gain a thorough understanding of the history and specific nature of the difficulties prompting clients to seek therapy. As such, it is often longer than a regular session and usually involves completion of questionnaires and the collection of detailed personal information and history. 

At the conclusion of the initial assessment session, your clinician will discuss with you the plan for therapy going forward, and will answer any questions you have.

how many sessions will i need?

This is difficult to determine at the outset as the number of sessions varies based on individual need. However, following initial assessment psychologists will be better able to gauge the number of recommended sessions. Some clients have a very specific difficulty they would like to address and may benefit from just a few sessions, whereas others may require more sessions. Most clients attend between 6 and 15 sessions.


Subsequent therapy sessions involve the client and therapist working together on gaining insight, utilising strengths and developing practical strategies, in order for clients to cope with their difficulties effectively.

how long are the appointments?

The initial session, which involves a thorough assessment of the reasons clients are seeking therapy, goes for either 50 minutes, or 1 ½ hours, depending on the situation. This will be determined by the individual clinician and communicated to you prior to your appointment.

Subsequent sessions are 50 minutes in duration. Longer sessions may be arranged if the need arises. 

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